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Twig, Princess of Darnasus

Guess who forgot to update the show notes again......yeah.

Another great show this week.  Not so heavy on the WoW facts and tips and tricks but mainly sitting around and having a great time with some guest hosts just talking about all things WoW.

A huge thanks to Hippy for coming on the show as we had a brief discussion about policing in WoW.

I'd also like to thank my german brother from another mother Shamanrongar (or Marc as we call him on the show) for helping out with the blue post news and exposing the fact that Twig is actually heavily into RP and was caught naming himself guessed it....the princess of darnasus.

We end the show with the e-mails from our amazing listeners and a big thank you to everyone who makes us do what we do.

We'll catch you next week.

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"Episode 26 - Twig, Princess of Darnasus"

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