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Icy Veins

Alrighty!  The show notes are here and there is a TON of stuff that was covered in the last show and links that you NEED to check out!

First things first though, I'd love to welcome "Reb" as the third and final co-host of the show!  She's funny, smart, experienced, talented and.....I'm sorry, I can't read the rest of her writing.

So in the show we talked about the WoWJuJu link where there were some notes from behind closed doors at Blizzard that got released.  Great stuff!  Also, we had the HUGE honor of interviewing Vlad from Icy Veins!  If you are not going to Icy Veins for your class guides, rotations, spec, glyph and news info......YOU ARE BROKEN!

Lastly, I've started a crusade.  I'm tired of the bullying and people saying anything they would like because they feel safe behind their computer and there are virtually NO repercussions.  It's to the point where they are almost arrogant about it and Blizzard is losing good people left and right whether they know it or not.  This entire crusade stemmed from this blog post (on top of 5 years of gaming in Azeroth).   Blizzard, it's time to do something about the bullying and the community is going to let you know about it.  Are you with me?  Send me an e-mail and tell me about a bad experience or that you are with me for this change and lets make a difference!

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Episode 29 - Icy Veins

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