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HoT Conversation

HoT.....not HOT....*see what we did there?*

This week we are VERY excited to interview Lissanna from and have a mini resto Druid round table!  Lots to learn whether you're an experienced resto Druid already, you have the gear and are scared to pull the trigger or you're a raid leader that knows nothing about the utility that resto Druid's have to offer!

Reb has a nice relaxing week in WoW.  She's talks about how she's excited to finally get to relax and play the game as opposed to being crunched into raiding left and right.

Twig is still hammering away on his mage.  He also did a little bit of 2v2 with Auri, our fellow Holy Pally Extrodinaire!

Twizz, well, Twizz is looking at doing a mini VIDEO podcast!  It probably won't happen until after the first of the year.  He's looking at once per week or so, just some current highlights where people can write in and talk about whatever.  Just adding more Twizzcast goodness!

We cover all sorts of blue post news including the follow up interviews with Ghost Crawler as well as various other Dev's.  SO much coming up in this game to get excited over!

Lastly, we top the show off with some really fun e-mails and great discussions about....well.....almost everything WoW!  This particular episode turned out great!

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Episode 33 - HoT Conversation

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