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This week we cover WoW news as always.  Twizz has switched officially (and finally) to his druid and is BACK in the tanking seat.  Twig is made the permanent move to his mage and Reb is becoming more active in Twisted Empire.

This weeks gust host interview is Solarflair from the Convert to Raid Podcast!  As opposed to telling us about the podcast he's on, we get a bigger look into how he became Solarflair as well as the new videos he's doing for tankspot!

We also cover the interviews from various podcasts and fansites that took place this week.  Links to all of the shows and fansites can be found on the front page of!

Lastly, we are giving away some pets!  Courtesy of Eisritter and Ravaldion!  The in game pets are the Cinder Kitty from the Blizz store (Eisritters donation) and an Eye of Legion in game pet from the WoW TCG loot card game!  How can you win one of these pets?  It's very simple:

Creative use of Twizzcast!  Take a picture, do something creative to show the world that Twizzcast is out there.  Whether it's in trade chat or on the side of your car, we'd love to see it.  All photographs, screenshots, etc must be mailed in to by the 20th of December and we will choose the winner that week!  Enter as many times as you'd like!

Lastly I would like to thank Ormi and Eisritter for the kind words of motivation.  Give them a follow on Twitter if you'd like to be in touch with some truly awesome and kind people.

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Episode 32 - SOL-ER-FLAIR!

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