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"The Big Game Over"

Another great week in WoW!  Twisted Empire is exploding and life is good :)

Want to win a Sandstone Scarab?  Log onto Twitter, follow @Twizzcast and send me a tweet telling me you would like to win it!  The winner will be announced July 9th!  Stick around because I have TONS of other swag that I'm going to be giving away courtesy of my good buddy Chester!

I altered the top 10 list this week.  Wanna know what WoW TV would sound like?  You'll find it here!

Also, I covered the addone Healbot which I strongly recommend for anyone who wants to heal or is tired of using their current method.

Special Guest BGO a.k.a. "The Big Game Over" from the WoW podcast "5 WoW Things" was this weeks special guest.  He was a blast to have on the show.  Be warned though, he was on maximum swearing mode for most of the show!

We also cover the big Mana changes coming in MoP so get ready to hold on tight!  You can check out the article we reference from:

Thank you all again for doing everything you do to keep me loving this podcast.  I truly owe ya!

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"Episode 10 - The Big Game Over"

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