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"Me Me Plug"

Without sounding full of myself, this episode turned out to be EPIC!

According to an LFR master, I'm an absolutely horrible tank.  Whatever buddy!

Prepare yourself for 10 reasons why WoW is better than a day at the water park!

We have a mini Death Knight tanking round table with my good friend Eisritter!

An extremely funny and entertaining guest host this week to cover e-mails and blue post news.  A HUGE thank you goes out to Revngeek.

Congrats to "Ray" and his wife.  Ray is a friend of the show and his wife is a cancer survivor that has overcome some amazing obstacles.  Enjoy your beta key!

Episode 5 of The Mega Minute is at the tale end of the show with my buddy Megacode.

Keep checking for your chance to win a Mists of Pandaria Beta Key!

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"Episode 15 - Me Me Plug"

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