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Well the most anticipated patch is finally here and it's time to talk ALL about the new stuff that's been spewed forth from Blizz!

I need a DPS for my raid team!  Monday and Tuesday nights 8:30-11:30 central time.  Doesn't matter what you have as far as class or spec, just bring your A-game! 

Visit Twisted Empire's Forums to sign up!

This week I covered The Mogu'Shan Vaults raid encounter "The Stoneguards".

The Top 10 Things Blizz could try and slip into the patch notes undetected!

A special thanks to Twig for covering the guest host spot and another big thanks to MegaCode for episode 9 of the Mega Minute!

Interested in doing a segment for Twizzcast?  Drop me a line!

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"Episode 19 - 5.0.Blur"

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