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"Pandaria in a Nutshell"

This week we've changed it up......again!

Twig and I cover what we've seen in Pandaria so far! We talk about the things we like, the things we don't like and overall how AMAZING the expansion has been thus far!

We discussed a blog post from "Mel" that you should definetely read if you're spouse does not like the fact that you play WoW and vice versa.  It's amazingly written! Enjoy the read!

"How I became a WoW wife, not a WoW widow"

We cover e-mails and I get called out on being a healing addon elitist :)

Hit me up on Twitter or e-mail if you'd like to be a part of the Aftershock Episodes this weekend!  I'm looking at Friday and Saturday Night!  3-4 people, 20 minutes per episode.  Don't be shy!  Just need a mic, skype, and you!

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Episode 23 - Pandaria in a Nutshell

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