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WoW According to Twizz Blog


You are NOT a Special Snowflake


So lately there have been some changes going on in other peoples guilds.  Personalities are all over the board in this game.  There is no denying it.  Some people have important jobs with exclusive titles and so they feel entitled to the same type of respect and importance in everything they do up to and including World of Warcraft.  Some people were the assholes that got beat up after school or snapped with a towel in the showers after gym class.  However, they hold a very important role to the guild they are in.  Others have the feeling that they are a nobody in the real world, so why would anything change in a virtual world?

It's because if these different personality types that guild ranks can be the reason for major drama, heartache, tears, or chronic masturbation.  But here's the real important IS that guild rank?  I mean, honestly, at the end of the day whether you're the guild master or an officer do you think guildies walk past you in your major city and tremble in fear at your presence?  If you think that that is the case, I want you to know that I'm having sexual relations with your wife.  Because you'll obviously believe anything.

Here's the basics that I'm going to break down for you.  The guild is (or should be as closed to as possible) a well oiled machine.  Each component is important.  Whether it's the person who does farming or craft leveling, or the raid leader.  Everyone has a specific role that they have to fulfill to make the guild a success and a fun/appealing environment to be a part of.  Again, ALL MEMBERS ARE IMPORTANT.  However within this personal society, as with everything, there has to be some sort of a rank structure.  That's just the way of life.  Everyone has a boss in real life.  Everyone's boss has a boss.  You get the idea.  At this point, the idea of being a well oiled machine goes right out the window.  EVERYONE wants to be the "important part" to make the machine function.  And when they aren't that "important part" or "special snowflake", here comes the drama.  This drama becomes significantly worse if the ranks were to ever change.  Some people get SO bent around the idea of being "an officer" or having the "officer" title attached to their name that it goes from a game, to a job.  The guild master now has to log in and juggle personality conflicts because someone feels more important or should be more important than they currently are.  The reason people feel like they should become more important in the guild is because in a short amount of time, they've become Mr. or Mrs. Popular.  Everyone loves them.  They are a RIOT in guild chat, awesome in vent, whatever.  It's this "Everyone loves me so I MUST be an officer" mentality that kills guilds.  What these people don't realize is that there are people who have been there LONG before they ever hit the scene.  Those people helped make the guild what it is and have asked for little to nothing in return.  They are core guildies.  It's great that you may have joined the guild and because you decide to post your tits all over twitter or turn ANYTHING into a sexual innuendo which causes sweaty nerds across America to sweat profusely on their folding chair, you are owed nothing.  In the grand scheme of things, you've been here for 20 minutes and chances are you're a flash in the pan.

So Twizz, dude, how do I fix a problem like this?  I have a solution that MIGHT work for SOME guilds.  Maybe if you're a GM and reading this it might spark an idea or two.  Or if you're a player looking to start your own guild, you may want to give this idea system a whirl.  As far as a rank structure goes, don't give people ranks, give them labels.  I know what you're thinking, "Good game Twizz!  Way to NOT make a lick of f***ing sense!".  Hear me out...

Everyone is at SOME stage of the game. Some toons are leveling.  Some JUST hit 85.  Others are raiding.  Chances are, if someone has a main character in your guild, they also have an alt.  I would make a label that identifies who they are, and where they are in the game.  There is nothing wrong with creating a label that says "Gearing Out" for people who are fresh to 85.  This label will let other players know that there is a good chance they might be able to hop in a LFG together and share the mutual benefit of Valor Points, shorter waiting times and god forbid getting to know a fellow guildie you may know nothing about.  Another label that could be used is the simple term "Raider".  That could be identified with someone who has cleared or is clearing current raid content.  This may come with benefits such as the ability to ginvite and gkick people or bust them down in rank.  Why?  These are the people who are fairly serious (more often than not) about the game.  SOMEONE has to be around in case an account gets hacked and someone who is labeled as "leveling" is running around butt naked and cleaning the guild bank out.  Someone DOES need to be around for those instances since the GM WILL have to sleep at some point and will not be logged in.  The last label may go to alts.  I'd recommend "Gatherer" with a note that says "mining" or "herbing".  If all works out right, and the guild is trying to be a well oiled machine helping itself out, these gatherers should be well stocked with mats for flasks, cauldrons, feasts, etc.  That being said, if you have an alt that's labeled a gatherer, it's YOUR job to pull your weight.  People will come to you for mats and be thankful that you have them just as you'll be thankful to go to the skinner and get the mats for your leg enchant.  Do you kinda see what I'm doing here?  When everyone functions properly and the common goal is to help everyone in the guild progress on whatever they are doing, that drama is avoided assuming people are responsible enough to pull their weight.

Another label that just came to mind may be "Starting Out".  It's identified as a new guy in the guild.  You have to earn your way in and show initiative.  After that, you'll be part of the cool club and running with your new guildies through all phases of the game.  But until that point, you only have the guild name above your head and nothing more.

This was all brought on by some in guild drama that made me sit back and get nauseous.  Get off your "I'm so important" kick.  The world doesn't owe you a damn thing because you're a slut.  If you're Mr. or Mrs. Popular, that's wonderful, but if you can't heal, tank or dps your way out of a paper bag, what makes you SO important to the guild?   There is no "I" in Team.  But there is a "F***  you if you don't like it" if you rearrange the letters and add a few more.

Twizz out.

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Dear DPS, You Ruined it for Yourselves

So I try to play the role of the concerned male.  You know how it goes.  Every once in a while you feel that spark to try to help out and "go that extra mile".  The only place that it could EVER be ruined would guessed it.....World of Warcraft.

"OK, Twizz, seriously, what  are you even talking about?"  Allow me to explain....

Since my last post on this blog, a LOT has happened.  I covered some of the bigger things briefly in my last post and I won't get into it again.  But lets just say I've been really busy in the WoW community!  I've become the Guild Master of Twisted Empire on Kul Tiras (Horde side) with MANY of the Twizzcast listeners .  I have open recruiting to our listeners and I've been blessed with a really great response!  One person in particular was nice enough to bring over his druid and be a bear tank.  Well.....he came to the right place.  His gear needed some work and I explained how to do the tank dance and what the meaning of cooldowns truly means.

After beating a target dummy completely bloody, I decided to give him a taste of the old Headless Horseman's blade.  I walked him through how to do it, what abilities to use and his threat was great and I did little to no healing on him.  THAT is when I came up with my next great idea.....

"Lets go do a regular random dungeon.  Nothing super challenging and you'll overgear it so you won't have to worry about dps pulling threat or can concentrate on your cooldowns and rotation as well as the actual feeling of tanking".   Those were famous last words.

Now, one little thing before I get too far into this.  Lets say that you' 83 mage.  You land in a dungeon with a fairly well geared tank and healer and both are level 85.  I'd think to myself "SWEEEEEET!  This is going to be an easy run!"  Apparently some people forget that luxury and are more concerned with getting through the dungeon in less than 7 minutes because anything after that is a waste of their precious, PRECIOUS, F***ING PRECIOUS time.

So we land in our dungeon and it's got a fairly tricky pull right off the bat.  I'm explaining to him that his best bet is to just run in there and grab everything you can.  Now, I'm explaining this in vent so it took.....MAYBE......7 seconds.  That's when the 83 mage (as previously discussed) decides to open his mouth and say "go tank!  god!  f***ing GO!".  I told him to chill out and I was explaining in vent to a new tank how it works.

Well I found out something that EVERYONE knows and somehow in my 4 years of gameplay I happened to overlook!  According to this dickbag, tanking is easy!  Run in, grab threat on everything and that's it.  There is NOTHING else to do but that.

Well, I explained to him that there's a little bit more than that and all I got was 100% attitude.  I told him he could put up with a slightly slower pace or he could go sit back in que.  I should have booted him, but for some reason, I didn't.

Anyways, he proceeded to tell me about how he used to have a bear tank back in wrath and he "just gave it up because it was too f***ing easy and boring".  He also called me an elitist several times and it finally got to the point where I just typed "For the love of God....just shut up.  Please.  Just go the f*** away or shut up".  To no avail obviously.

But the reason I type this post is because I'm seeing a trend.  Low amount of tanks available.......heals are available but not overflowing.......and then you have the dps.  The people who love to run the show.  The people who always know the most efficient way of doing things, yet they don't do them themselves.  The people who have an 85 Ret Pally, an 85 Enhancement Shaman, an 85 Rogue and an 85 frost DK, however, they know how to tank everything better than anyone.  "It's just run in and grab threat".  No, you ignorant fuck.  Threat is the least of your worries now.  Staying alive in these dungeons is key.  Also, being a tank and dealing with a dps that refuses to target the same thing that everyone else is.  How does a new tank deal with that?  THESE are the things I'm trying to teach and have him learn and all you're doing is making life harder.  I'm trying to make another tank available in the que.  You know, maybe lower your wait time by 30 seconds or a minute.  And this is what you say?  This is how you treat him?  I don't blame him if he never wants to tank again, and he did a REALLY good job for his first go at it.

So therein lies the problem.  And I know some of you are going to say "Dude, I know tanks that are just as bad if not worse...."  Well allow me to retort....

Here's a SMALL list of shit we have to deal with on a DAILY basis:

1)  A dps that just ignores the fact that skull goes first, then X, then whatever is CC'd.  "F*** that, I'll target what I want".

2)  LOW dps.  That's right, people who just don't know how to play their class.  The healer can only keep my alive for SO long guys before I'm out of cooldowns and he's out of mana.  You don't know your shit, we all die.  You're the "DAMAGE DEALER".

3)  DPS thinking that everything is a faceroll.   They acquire a little bit of gear and suddenly all mechanics can be ignored and they just do what they want.  It doesn't work that way.

4)  DPS that think that it's their job to pull a mob because the tank isn't going fast enough (or fast enough for their liking).  What YOU (Mr. DPS) have probably failed to see is that maybe the tank is waiting on a cooldown (ie: enrage, death & decay, etc) and needs that in order to generate threat.  MAYBE the f***ing healer is out of mana!  I KNOW FOR A FACT that you didn't look at the healers mana before YOU decided to pull the mob.  That's things we learn to do as a tank.

I could give you reasons 5-500 but we all have a semi-limited amount of time :)

So, I debated about doing this or not and decided to go with it.  Here's the douchebag.......

So anyways, as you sit in que for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20+ minutes.......I apologize if you're a good person.  Because a few people shit their ALL have to wear diapers now.

Twizz out.

@TwizzleTank on Twitter


It's Alright to be an Alt-aholic!


So there you sit in front of your character select screen.  You have your main guy.  You know, the one that is sitting with the full tier 5, 6, and tier 7 set.  He's done a lot but there's always time to do more right?  There's a few achievements you haven't gotten on him.  You've slammed down raid after raid and gotten a ton of achievements in that fashion, but you're lacking severely in the PvP department.  But still, there's something that's stopping you from hitting that "Enter World" button.  What is it?  What is that itch you have?  No, it's not the remnants of that special gift your ex-girlfriend gave you before she told you she cheated on you.  It's the fact that you want to play WoW, but you want a change of pace.

Regardless of what you might believe, this feeling is alright.  Everyone gets it.  Their main is their baby and it's what they want to spend time on.  It's perfectly acceptable.  But it's human nature to always be curious about what else is out there.  Is there a certain class or spec that you want to try out?  Are you afraid that you'll like it so much that you'll start neglecting that main toon that you've had since day one?  Don't worry about all that shit!  Compared to a lot of other MMO's out there, Blizzard has done a wonderful job at giving you SO many options!  You have 2 factions, 6 races, and 10 different classes to tide you over.  Starting an alt is a GREAT idea for the following reasons:

1)  It gives you a whole new perspective on the game.  Some different starting area quests (which is nice) and a chance to get a feel for your new toon.  You may go through the same old quests you've already just gone through, however, you have to kill the mobs a different way now.  The grind changes.  Before as a prot spec'd warrior you could go into a pack of 4 mobs and AOE them all down and live through it.  On the Mage you just started, it's the kiting game.  It's all about feeling out and getting total control of your character.  That's when you learn the most effective way of taking down a mob and knowing when to use that big spell to bring them down for the count.

*on a side note, it's because of that fact that I'm astounded when I get into a dungeon with other 85's that don't know REMOTELY how to play their class.  How the HELL did you level all the way to 85 and you have NO CLUE what your toon can do?

2)  This is your chance to make money!  The biggest gold making strategy in WoW is based on mats.  If you get your alt up to level 20 or 30, put him down for a little while and farm some stuff for him on your main.  If your alt is an enchanter, go run some lowbie dungeons, get the greens, send them to your alt, have him DE them and use the mats to level until he can't level any more.  Then sell them!  There are SO many people out there who are too lazy to do something like that and they'd rather pay top dollar off the auction house for a mat as opposed to farming it themselves.  In the meantime, you're making money AND skill points!

3)  As we all know, the two sides of the game that are specific to each faction are PvE and PvP.  I personally have always HATED PvP.  However, the start of a new toon with xp available in BG's might just turn you onto that idea.  You may completely melt face with that shadow priest at level 25.  You may Fear the hell out of that Warrior with your warlock and love every minute of it.

The point of all of this is that Blizzard has really given us everything we need to keep ourselves occupied with this game.  And with content release being as slow as it is, you're going to need some stuff to occupy your time until that new patch or expansion comes out.  People are very one sided.  When someone who has every class, and every race and every achievement says they are bored, it is THEN time for Blizzard to start listening.  I've yet to see that happen though.

Twizz out.


Has Recount Ruined WoW?


We've all used it.  Most of us still use it.  Recount.  The addon that is chalk full of information used to either stroke the e-peen or call out the idiots for not doing something right.  At some point throughout almost any dungeon or raid, you're going to see a stream of numbers cycle up your chat box giving an in depth description of how everyone did with their damage.  Usually, it's continuously spammed by the person who is at the top of that chart just so everyone in the group/raid knows that "THEY are the badass".  But we don't live in a game now where that is a huge deal.  Big numbers are always good to see and with the current stats on gear, like it or not, you're going to see them.

Personally, on my shaman who is freshly 85, I've seen healing crits for 56K.  Even on my tank (which isn't supposed to be a dps hound) I've seen 31K crits.  As a dps, you're going to see big numbers all the time.  BUT, looking at how heroics and current raid content is set up, you're constantly on the move.  As everyone knows, when you're moving (for the most part) you're not casting anything that's not an instant spell.  When you're not casting spells, you're not doing damage.  What many players fail to realize is that when you're dead, you don't get to cast ANY spells at all.  Period.  I've been in heroics where a dps dies and then immediately posts recount.  Is he (or she) at the top of the list?  Yup!  But guess what you snot slinging reject, you stood in the fire and died because the healer felt healing the tank was more important than your dumb ass.  NOW, you've gone from the top of the charts, to zero.  Congratulations.  And you continue to wonder why you're time in LFG is about 40 minutes?  Tanks and healers don't want to put up with you, but really have no choice.

On the flip-side however, there are times where this addon can prevent a wipe fest.  A lot of the Cataclysm encounters require to you play the game by the mechanics and not just burn the boss down and heal through the damage.  There are things that have been thrown back into the game like interrupts.  Interrupting a bosses ability can do wondrous things.  It can prevent the boss from healing himself back up to full health.  It can prevent him from summoning adds and overwhelming the tank.  There are limitless mechanics that the interrupt ability puts an immediate stop to.  Recount will tell you how many interrupts were cast in a particular fight.  That's right DPS!  You guessed it!  Recount tells things BESIDES how awesome you think you are!  Please don't feel cheated.....  If someone doesn't confess that they don't know the fight, and interrupts NEED to be cast, that will tell you right away when the persons name doesn't even show up on the list  for interrupts.  That is where the tool can be useful in preventing wipe after wipe after wipe.

The last thing that I would like to point out about recount is the fact that you can click on each player and see what their primary spell is.  If someone's gear is very good, however they are pulling half the dps they should be, it's an easy way to see exactly where the broken link in the error chain is.  I've seen mages who have 75% of their gear from raids and they are only doing about 6K dps.  Upon further inspection, they are only spamming frostbolt.  I'm sure you can see the problems.  If the rotation looks good, you can then question their "give a shit" level.  Again, after a 40 minute wait, you'd think that they want to go all out and add to the group as much as possible, but alas, so many stupid people in this game.

So I guess the overall point to this post is this:  Has recount ruined wow?  I personally believe it's a 50/50 split.  When it's apparent that dps is all someone cares about, then yes.  They are only stroking their e-peen and making life rough on the rest of the group.  You're big numbers don't do a single thing for the healer or tank except make life more difficult.  However, if you can actually spot why the boss isn't getting killed or why someones dps output doesn't equal their gear rating, you can offer the help which will in turn change their numbers and make you look like a hero.

I apologize if I was really hard on dps during this post.  It was a rough couple of randoms and they all had the same theme......."look at how much dps I'm doing!".

Twizz out.

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Wife Aggro and You!


Waggro, or most commonly referred to as "wife aggro" is one of the biggest causes of player deaths, missed LFG ques, and AFK ready checks in the World of Warcraft.  It seems like you could sometimes sit next to your wife or girlfriend for hours on end and very little is said or done.  However, within the first 15 minutes that you log into game, suddenly you have become the center of attention and a laundry list of 50 things comes flying out of nowhere and smacks you in the face.   And no, it never happens in the first 5 minutes you log on.  PSHT!  WAY too easy to leave the game where it sits to go and take care of the bag of dog food that's been in the back of the car all week but MUST be brought into the house right NOW!  No way.  It's actually an internal timer that women who are married to WoW players have.  It's a sense that they've given you enough time to really get into making some progress on something, before they come strip you of that good feeling of accomplishment.

"Dude, Twizz, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about!"

"What do I do about this?"

"I don't know what's worse, buck the system or give in and not play WoW?"

I don't have all the answers, but I DO have some.  I will tell you a little bit about what has happened with my wife and I the past few months regarding WoW and hopefully this will work for you.  It may be stuff that you've heard of in the past that just won't work, it may be something you've tried and it failed, but this is what's worked for me....

I've been playing WoW since the middle of BC.  I've never experienced Vanilla WoW or anything like that.  However, I've played long enough to have had some time invested in the game.  I'm an altoholic.  Always have been, always will be.  So with lots of alts comes LOTS of activities.  Leveling, professions, auction housing, dungeon running, pet collecting,, etc. etc. etc.  It sounds like lots of fun and I'm sure that there are a lot of readers that know exactly what I'm talking about.  It almost sounds like a job, but a fun one at least.  Anyways, all of this started taking up my time quite a bit.  At that time though, I had no kids, it was my wife and I, what was there to worry about?  Well, everything went downhill fast.  It wasn't until recently that we came to an agreement on how to manage my WoW time.  Here's the rules:

1)  I play from 9:00 - midnight on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  Occasionally on the weekends a little bit assuming there's truly nothing going on.  That means I'm playing an average of 8-10 hours MAX per week.  I'm sorry, but that is a perfectly acceptable time frame for a hobby.

2)  I do the simple stuff.  I get home from work an hour before my wife does.  If I can clean up the dishes, pick up the crap around the house and make it look nice and neat, and possibly something else that I KNOW she would climb all over me for not doing, I do it (ie: mow the grass, bring the garbage cans in).  That way when she gets home, she can sit her ass on the couch or do whatever she wants to do and not be aggravated at a messy house that she feels she has to clean by herself.  When she feels that way, you'll get hit with the 50 things she wants you to do just as your LFG pops (as previously mentioned).

3)  Getting back to playing from 9:00-midnight real quick.  Her and my little guy are asleep at those times.  So therefore there is little to no quality time I'm missing out on.  When she sees me around, I'm not playing WoW.  When she's sleeping, I'm doing what I want to do.

4)  She needs a hobby!  SO many people will tell you to "find something you both enjoy doing and spend time together doing it!".  Those people can fuck RIGHT off.  They can take that idea and stick it STRAIGHT in their asses.  Listen, YOU play WoW.  It's what  YOU do.  SHE has to find something that SHE can do.  Just because she doesn't have a hobby, doesn't mean you have to give up MORE of your time to pick one for the both of you.  Once she finds that hobby, you're WoW time will open up even more.

5)  Don't talk about WoW in front of her.  It's as easy as that.  If she hates the game, the last thing she's going to want to hear about is the fact that you finally got your Tier 11 legs last night.  Be smart.  That's only going to piss her off more.  The less she knows about your WoW involvement, the better off you'll be.  Less guilt trips, less fights, etc.  I'm not telling you to hide anything, but if you want to avoid getting hit by a golf ball you'll avoid walking out into the middle of the driving range now won't you?

In conclusion, these are a few things that have worked out for me and allowed me to continue playing the game I love and not abuse or neglect my family.  I've found that it keeps me from not paying attention to my little boy or my wife and my house doesn't turn into a shambles because I've neglected it.  We've all become a lot happier because of it.  Does she still dislike WoW?  Yeah, for the most part.  Are we building resentment towards each other because of this game?  Not any more......and thank God.

Twizz out.

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Save a Horse, Ride a Gold Farmer!


O-M-G.  Did he just say...."gold farmer"?  The lowest of lows in the WoW community!  I can't believe he would even address such a subject of wrongness and theft!  Seriously, Twizz......are you going to talk about this?

Yes.  Get ready.

So there I am.  I'm on my level 56 warrior tank surfing the auction house for the newest buff food to tank with since I am in another tier of cooked goods that I now qualify for.  MAN ALIVE!  Has anyone seen the price of Tough Jerky these days?  It's GOT to be magical because I saw 4 stacks of 5 going for 4200 gold on the auction house!  Now, unless there's a new Tough Jerky mount in the game that got introduced with 4.1, I'm thinking the seller is simply waiting for his real life order to pay out in game.  It's funny really.  You hear ALL sorts of things from Blizzard about how you shouldn't buy gold and such.  There's even a huge post that they put out talking about how it upsets the economy and is the DIRECT CAUSE of all the orphans during childrens week.  You can go to just about any forum and read posts that pretty much say "Buying gold leads to account theft!".  After seeing all these signs of the apocalypse you would think people would get the hint.  BUT, they don't.  I challenge you right now to surf around on your server (or multiple servers if you have toons elsewhere) and look at the low level things going for astronomical amounts.  You'll see it at some point and if you don't see it right away, check again a little bit later.

SO, knowing that it's happening and knowing that it's going to continue to there anything that can really be done?  Lets say that someone does get their account hacked because of a gold farmer.  I think it should be Blizzards right to say, "Well, we looked at your account activity and you received 15,000 gold shortly before you logged off.  After an hour or so, you logged back on and vendored your gear and  mailed that 15,000+ gold to a level 10 on the server.  That level 10 transferred off the server 20 minutes after he received the gold. don't have an authenticator that we've all but GIVEN to you and you want us to jump through hoops to get your account back?  Start a new account and don't be a total moron.  Have a nice day.".  Lets be honest, what's going to take more time?  Finding out the gear that was lost, reprogramming it to get into your mailbox, reset your password and make sure that the password gets to the TRUE owner of the account.  OR, investigating some of the causes as to how the account was lost and making a judgment call?  My dad always told me "Twizz, if it looks like poop and it smells like poop....chances's poop."  Blizzard is so accommodating to the people who break the rules that were set forth.  "We'll give you gold and badges and stuff until your account gets back to normal!".  Yeah, there ya go, give more rewards to the people who least deserve them.  Those rewards should go to people who have an authenticator on their account and someone found a work around.  In which case Blizz, your system failed.  I'd be willing to bet that the time spent on retrieving hacked accounts due to someone beating their authenticator would be more worth while and could lead to further security measures than the ones that had no authenticators and ignored the warning signs.

This is quite the twisted web though!  On the flip-side of the coin, a person who buys a large amount of gold really has nothing left to try to make money.  That person could win the roll on a random epic that falls off of raid trash.  He takes it to the AH and sees 3 other identical items at 8K gold.  Well, he's richer than God at that point, so he'll probably undercut them by 50% just to be a d-bag.  That just made a piece of gear that I was looking at VERY affordable now.  So did Mr. Gold farmer just become my friend?  You betcha!  So again, Mr. D-bag decides he wants to level his leatherworking.  He hasn't TOUCHED it since Cata launched and now that he has the money, it's time to get that to 525 and be even more of a pimp.  Guess what?  Because he has the money, he's going to buy up EVERY single Leatherworking mat you've been trying to get rid of for weeks.  You want 350g for the latest blue quality leather piece?  No problem!  Because I spent $75 with Mr. Goldfarmer, I think I'll take ALL 10 that are for sale.  Thank you!  At this point Mr. Gold farmer just made my Christmas card list.

SO, with these two scenarios in place, is it truly a bad idea to buy gold?  Lets be honest, surf around for a few minutes and you'll see all sorts of wicked deals on gold.  $75 can get you 50,000 gold on one site.  $.50 can get you 1,000 gold on another one.  It's almost too good to pass up!  Are you going to affect the economy of Blizzards auction house?  Yeah, but that's not your problem to keep under control is it?  Shouldn't that rest on the shoulders of Blizzard?  You know Blizzard right?  They charge 5,000 gold for epic flying.  They charge 16,000 gold for a mammoth with a repair dude on the back.  You know who I'm talking about right?

SO, I know everyone is out there saying "But gold is SO easy to come by now!".  We're human.  We're greedy.  If we made 300 gold off the auction house, we're not satisfied.  Especially when we see epic gear going for 14,000-16,000 gold.  What's that 300 gold gonna do for me?  That's barely repairs at the end of raid night.  Making money in WoW is easy, if you have the time to sit down and think everything out, come up with a strategy on your next move and then attack.  But as a casual player, we don't want to do that.  We want to log in to WoW to play the game.  I want to raid or do heroics or something.  Sitting in front of an auctioneer with a calculator for an hour and a half is a waste of my night.  I won't get that rep mount from crunching numbers all night.  As a very casual player, here's what happens.  You log on.  Check the guild roster to see if your buddies are on.  You go out, do a couple daily's to bump your skill points up and net a little bit of easy gold that way.  You could go to TB and do the dailies out there, but unless you want to spend twice as much time trying to fight past a 12 year old on a rogue who's just massacring you, that's not a good use of time.  You might be able to farm for just a little while.  Scoop up some ore or some herbs and sell them.  All in all, at that rate, you'll make a few hundred gold in a week.....assuming you do that ALMOST every day.

So no matter how you slice it, there's pro's and con's to all of this nonsense.  I'm sure there are MILLIONS of arguments in my theories and whatnot.  But....this is just WoW according to Twizz.  It's not gospel.

Twizz out.

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What Addons do I Need to Survive?


You're going to run into all walks of life out there.  If you haven't, go ahead and hop into the LFG dungeon finder a few times and you'll see exactly what I mean.  You'll know when you've got a tank that knows what's going on.  He didn't just "happen" to target the mob that he had the least amount of threat on, by accident.  If a tank forgets to mark a group with the traditional "Skull, X, Square" set, and a dps is targeting all the same targets that the tank is, I highly doubt it's just by chance.  The reason that things can run together so much smoother is because of addons.

I recently heard a raid member say these exact words:  "I don't have one single addon.  I run a completely stock UI."

What does that say to me?  That tells me that I just found the person that is most likely going to wipe this raid....repeatedly.

I also was tanking a dungeon recently and asked one of the dps if he was running omen threat meter (which I'll discuss later).  He replied "Sorry noob, I don't use 'crutches'".  How in the world is Omen a "crutch"?!?!  I'll dive into that later as well.

So what you might be thinking now is "Alright Twizz, what addons do I need to survive?  There are SO many out there and there are a lot that are so customizable that it's almost too much of a pain to try to work with them."  The list is actually pretty short and sweet!  All of these can be downloaded from and I HIGHLY recommend downloading the Curse client.  It makes seeing available addons and currently installed addons easy to see and work with.  NOTE: THESE ARE ALL BASED ON MY PERSONAL OPINION.  EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN NICHE!

1)  Deadly Boss Mods (or DBM for short) or possibly Bigwigs (an addon that is very similar to DBM).  This is pretty much a mandatory addon if you plan on doing any raiding.  It gives you timers on boss abilities and notifications when a specific person is targeted for a bosses spell and the raid then needs to work around that situation.  To dumb that down a little bit, in a fight a boss may prepare to cast a spell on a random party member.  Both of these addons will put a marker of some type (Skull, X, Square etc.) over the player that is about to be targeted.  Everyone can stack on that player to dissipate the damage or stay away from that player as he may have some kind of debuff that can hurt other raid members.  It's an easy visual marker so you can see what's going on.  It will also help show the raid if a member doesn't know what they are doing.  If they are targeted by the boss, and marked by DBM, and they don't do what they are supposed to do, you can easily see why the raid wiped and maybe re-explain the fight to get everyone on the same page.

2)  CALLING ALL HEALERS! You guys have a TON of options at your fingertips.  All of these addons PRETTY MUCH do the same thing.  The only differences are subtle options as well as how it looks on your screen.  Depending on how your UI is set up, one addon may fit better than another.  I recommend Vuhdo, Healbot, or Grid.  I personally use Vuhdo and that's simply because I like the layout.  When you have a HoT (Heal over time) on a target, it will give you a small symbol that represents that you have that current HoT rolling on that target.  It will then give you a countdown you can watch so you can refresh that hot or plan your next healing spell according to when that's going to give its final tick.  Healbot is the same way except it will display actual icons of your spells.  If you have a Rejuv going on a target or an earthshield, it will show the little icons next to the targets names making it easily identifiable as to what EXACTLY is happening with the target.  Very nice.  I haven't used Grid very much so I can't say whether or not it's the way to go.  I know a lot of people that use it and swear by it!  Again, all of these recommendations do virtually the same thing.  It all comes down to how you want to see it on your screen!

3)  Omen Threat Meter.  In my personal opinion, as a tank, this is a MUST.  There is nothing more aggravating than having to chase down a target because some stupid DPS has decided to blow every cooldown he or she has at the start of a fight and pump out as much damage as they so they can feel warm and fuzzy over a recount number.  Something to keep in mind.  Warriors and Druids have this thing called Rage.  It costs rage to use threat generating abilities.  It will normally take a tank about 2 seconds to generate enough rage and use an ability that will establish the threat bar and keep him or her at the top.  Omen shows you this bar....literally.  It's very lightweight with almost no configuring to be done.  You (as a DPS) target a mob.  It will show you numerically how much threat you, the tank and others have on that mob.  If you're getting ready to pull aggro (or make the number on your bar higher than the tanks), you can either lay off a little bit or use an aggro reducing ability.  Let me spell it out for you this way.  No one cares about your dps number.  Only you do.  If you're dead because you pulled off the tank A) you deserve it and B) You're almighty DPS recount number is going to plummet severely.  So what good does that do anyone?  As I stated above, someone referred to Omen as a "Crutch".  In my personal opinion, a crutch (for hardcore players) is something to the effect of a cooldown or DOT timer.  Something you can easily look at and know it's time to refresh.  NOTE: DON'T CONFUSE MY CRUTCH DEFINITION WITH ANY OF THE HEALING ADDONS ABOVE!  Crutch addons are a luxury only.

4)  Tidy Plates/Threat Plates is a GREAT tanking addon.  It's very customizable but you have to tank for a little while before you figure out what exactly you want to change about the appearance or how it works.  The basics of it are this:  You run into a pack of 4 mobs.  All of them have 1 color health bar over their heads.  As long as that never changes, you have threat on all of them.  You can set it to where if you start losing a mob, the colored nameplate above his head starts getting bigger.  This is done so you can click that nameplate easier, and put more threat out to that specific target.  It's very helpful in those instances where a DPS decides to pick whatever target he or she wants and lets loose on it.  You can also combine abilites with it so if you lose threat on a  mob, a click of their nameplate will automatically taunt them back to you.  You'll then already have that mob targeted and can regain control.

5)  The dreaded Recount.  Now, this is strictly for additional information.  It can be helpful in a lot more ways than what people use it for.  This addon will show you your DPS (or Damage Per Second).  It's the number that everyone gets all hot in the pants over.  Some features that others may not know about or remember to explore are: Interrupt counts, Specific player rotation, CC's, and many more.  THAT is a useful tool for making sure that someone is doing their job when they are supposed to be and the rotation information is good in case you have that mage who is geared to the teeth but can't manage to pull over 3K dps.  You can see in a pie graph form, the majority of the abilities they are using and how much they are using it.  If you see 100% frostbolt coming from that mage, you'll be able to identify the problem right then and there.  Again, this is not a mandatory addon for raiding per say, however it can solve problems quickly and give you a good idea (fairly quickly) of how your dungeon group or raid is going to do.

These 4 Addon recommendations above are basically what you're going to see in the average raid UI.  There are many people that you'll see using an addon called Bartender.  That allows you to move virtually everything on your screen around.  This is good for "clickers".  What's a clicker you ask?  It's someone that does JUST that!  They click all the spells on their screen.  So being able to move the bars around to make your clicking experience easier is the best thing to hit the market ever!  I personally have a Razer Naga mouse that has a BUNCH of buttons on it.  I simply push the buttons on my mouse to use my abilities and all my attacks are basically made with my thumb.  It's like a muscle memory thing and it works for me.  Other addons people enjoy are as follows:

X-perl Unit Frams - Revamps the UI a little bit and allows your to move your in game character bar around as well as the target and party members bars.  You can also see your targets target just to make sure that your tank is being targeted in an encounter.  If that changes....LOOK OUT!

Bagnon- why sift through all those bags trying to find where you have your hypnotic dust!?!?  Bagnon makes all your BIG bag!  I keep all my things assorted by rows.  Top row is all my flasks, etc.  Next down is my buff food.  Next is enchanting mats.  You get the idea.

Postal - Don't you love having to click (what feels like) 50 times just to get all the gold and expired auctions you have coming to you?  Postal takes care of ALL of that.  1 click and it puts everything straight into your bags.  Less time at the mailbox means more time outside seeing the game and bettering your toon!  Time management FTW!

As far as class specific addons, there are SO many REALLY helpful ones out there.  Not sure of your rotation?  Here's a few that I found that put a box on your screen with the picture of the next spell you should use.  It's great because it helps you learn your rotation and make you realize WHY it's better to use one spell over another.  Unfortunately there's nothing in this line for healers since it's completely impossible for an addon to detect incoming damage on a tank and calculate the mana cost and cast time for a heal.  These are all for DPS and I've used them and learned a lot!

1)  Feral Druid - Feral by Night

2)  Enhancement Shaman - Shock and Awe

3)  Balance Druid - Boomkinator

4)  Ret Pally - Retribution FCFS Helper

5)  Assassination Rogue - Mutilate

I'm certain there are more out there however these are the ones that I've messed with the most and had a great learning experience when it came to playing a new spec.  If you surf you'll see thousands of addons.  This little blog was simply meant to get you on your way to customizing the game and playing it the way you want to play it.

Twizz out.


Trolling for Morons


Trolling has got to be one of the most well known problems with WoW.  Some people probably think that WoW is spilt into 3 parts: Questing, Raiding and Trolling.  So as I was driving home the other day I had a thought pop into my head.  Are we using the word "trolling" in the right sense?  I mean, I understand that concept of being a "troll".  You're an ugly little mother that lives under a bridge and your main goal in life is to make it impossible for people to cross your bridge!  I get that.  But, there's another "trolling" that fits this genre perfectly.  As you're sitting in your fishing boat on that warm summer day, it's easy to do a lot of trolling.  No, I don't mean you yell insults about the mothers of the people in the boat across the way.  I mean, you slowly troll down the lake or river while casting your bait out patiently waiting for a biter.  It's no different than sitting in trade chat and slowly watching the words scroll up your screen and occasionally tossing your bait out to see if someone will bite!  So yeah, I can't help but wonder if that was how "trolling" was originally meant, or if some stupid moron who can't think outside the box thought to himself "he's talking about me being this ugly thing that lives under a bridge!  I'm gonna call everyone a troll!".  Is this of HUGE importance in the World of Warcraft?  Not even remotely.  But sometimes things just pop into your head like that first kernel of popcorn popping and it makes ya think!

So being as that I'm still a little undecided as to which "trolling" type I interpret it to be, lets talk about the actual art of it briefly.  There are trolls who are VERY good at what they do and ones that not only reveal that their true age is still in single digits, but more often they have no clue what they are talking about.  Here's a perfect example that I read this morning from

Here's the actual text:

"well look at the first page ppl posting problems and suggestions etc any blue posters no cos there all PVE loving dumbasses who cant even sort PVP out why not make a wow game just for PVP and one for Raiding,

sick of the lack of love PVPer's get and dnt say we got rated bg's cos there fail like in game voice chat and old LFD tool

SORT PVP OUT BLIZZ OH I FORGOT ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOUR PRECIOUS $$$ blizzard are going down hill since they signed with craptivision"

Is this considered a "trolling" thread in your opinion?

The first thing that I see is the atrocious spelling, grammar and sever lack of punctuation.  A) How do you expect ANYONE to take you seriously when you type and spell like a sub-grade moron?  B) Do you HONESTLY think that anything you're saying is actually true?  Blizzard is SO in love with PVE and couldn't care less about you and your world of PVP?  It's people like you, "Bolvar" or "Ballhair" as I'm going to refer to him as from now on, that make me lose complete and total faith in the human race.  One of two things has happened here.  Either you got up to a 4th grade level of education and decided to punch out and take on the world, or you're getting ready for your summer vacation before actually starting 5th grade.  In which case, I can completely see why you spell and disregard punctuation.  Maybe you should look at hitting 4th grade one more time for good measure.  Lastly, shame on your parents for 3 reasons:

1) They procreated and gave birth to you.  WHICH, Jack Daniels can always have a hand in that.

2) Not monitoring the fact that obviously you spend too much time on a video game and not enough know...being an intelligent human being.

3) Not monitoring your school work and reviewing your report card because I guarantee if you write like that in school, it's game over.  And if you don't write like that in school, why is it alright to do it on a public forum and go that extra mile to make yourself look like a window licker?

In conclusion, hopefully I've given you something to think about even for a brief second.  As always, comments are appreciated.

Twizz out.

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